Thursday, January 3, 2008

Prestige Collection: Arik Levy, Jean-Marie Massaud, Marco Sousa Santos for Kvetna Glassworks

Marco Sousa Santos: Float I & Float II

Arik Levy: Mitos

Jean-Marie Massaud: Graal

It was a pleasure to me as a creative director to put together three of my favourite designers - Arik Levy, Jean-Marie Massaud and Marco Sousa Santos – and the Czech rising glassworks Kvetna.
I gave them a carte blanche to create a drinking set from hand blown glass.
The project gave a birth of the Prestige collection – a unique collection of its kind in the Czech Republic as for the first time important foreign designers did collaborate on a mass producted series.
The Prestige collection was inaugurated during the Prague design week Designblok opening on October 1st.

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Anonymous said...

wow! the collection is amazing! where can we buy it?